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Friday, November 16, 2007


Something eating me for the past couple weeks. Hope it doesn't finish me bit by bit as the ant did an entire elephant. The lack of focus is chewing me up and I realised that without that focus which I managed to reach some months ago, my book will be just another wish on the fridge door.

It's a bummer to know what to do and how to go about doing it and not being in the right mode and mood to achieving it. I find that with me, if I'm not in the right state of mind, many things that require creativity or tapping into imagination just don't work out. If they work, not work out, but just work, they progress without reaching a destination. The goal. The bull's eye. This has been happening a lot with the novel. Nevertheless, am glad to say that it's a feeling that I'm fighting each day and the battle is not lost.

Soon I'll be writing on this very blog that my book is completed and undergoing manicures and pedicures here and there. I'll be proclaiming that PanMac already has the manuscript. And that won't be long.

So if you got anything that you struggling to complete, like me, I think you should think twice about how much of focus you're putting into it. The issue my really just be there - and get in the right mood. Well, that's an instruction for myself.

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