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Monday, September 3, 2007

Finding Zimbabwe, my roots

I made my pilgrimage to Chipinge, Zimbabwe. I was accompanied by my dad, brothers Josh and Ishmael. The tour was mostly country although we extended it to Mutare, Harare, Mutoko and Bulawayo over five days.

To say the least, the experience was AWESOME. I'm going back month end for two more days.

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Vanessa said...

Hi, Izz. I'd love to hear more about your experience. I could learn more from your perspective than from a textbook. Peace.

pamelastitch said...

yes..finally :D

heartwarmer said...

I've been wanting to go to Zim for like forever man. I'm so envious.
I feel a road trip coming up real soon-soon.

Izz said...

You must get on with it Heartwarmer. If you go and you don't have enough partners, and you headed for Harare, allow me to grace you with my presence and my buddy will accomodate us at his palatial crib. Let me know.

Pam: It's been great.

Vanessa: See your mailbox.

Tauratinzwe said...

You make me homesick. Tell us more about what things are like now. The news is terrible, but it's still GREAT Zimbabwe. Wish I could get back.

Sky said...

Its amazing how after all that is said and still being said about Zim, we still hear people fascinated by the country. I must say, with all the negative publicity going on, its not one of the countries I was thinking about for visits, but you guys are doing great>>>telling us its a great country which could still make a great escape.......Thanks for reminding us that the beauty still lies regardless of it all Izz.

The Randomness said...

Oh Izz I was hoping to be the first one to congratulate you but was the last darn! I have been weaving in and out of consciousness. So you went Kumakomoyo....how did you like the mountains and the beauty of the country. Like Tauratinzwe said, you making me hella home sick. Things are bad but it's still home and we love love love it. Am glad you had a great time.

Izz said...

Absolutely awesome The Randomness. Nothing beats the intrique of the landscape of that country. In fact, am going back on the 27th of this month.

Thanks for the check out. Please do review chapter one of my novel as well. Would love to hear what you think of my efforts.