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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Listening but not hearing a thing

Life is full of paradoxes. Imagine finding yourself doing something that you’re not in fact doing. Imagine having the quality of life that you in fact are not even close to. Imagine being delusional and thinking you’re absolutely logical. I was forced to admit that I have a habitual paradox that revisits me even if I kick it out and many that I’ve come across fall in that trap, especially people of this fast fast instant world.

I found that I sometimes listen in conversation but I don’t hear what is said. Not that I fall short of understanding what the other is saying but the words simply escape the net. I’m sure you may relate in one way or the other. Not a habit to boast about. However, I found, also, that this happens most of the time when the conversation is deemed as not so worthy. The danger here being that this would be my subjective opinion whilst the other person believes their words to be most precious and worthy of my hearing more than just listening.

In this ‘I’m busy, I’m exhausted’ world of today, most people operate with this kind of habit. A habit which makes us bad listeners. Nothing wrong with selective listening, but everything wrong with ignoramus behaviour. I pity myself for falling in this league sometimes, but I’m working, with the harsh help of my wife, daily on it. And soon I bid this ignoramus group farewell.

If you fall in the Hearing Ignoramus League, I suggest you also device your way out by adopting a no fee practice of active listening, which, by requiring you to engage in the talk, you’re forced to listen and hear at the same time. Don’t be fooled that listening and hearing are the same thing. They are far far much difference and distinctive, but they’re inter-dependent. If you can't hear and in fact don't want to hear, safe the other person their breath and 'precious' words by excusing yourself from the small talk. The both of you can make better use of your times.

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1 comment:

Sky said...

And I was just about to write, “I'm busy to blog and visit other blogs”...then your post stopped me just before.....and I was going to read and not read all as I was going to claim “there is not enough time” and the thought of the fact that your posts are always of great food supplier to the mind and soul...you stopped me with this post....

So true, we get so caught up in our own little world, shutting off bigger world>>mistake we are making. We always think we are listening when we are hearing>>>good practise to be implemented.....it can only make one to be the best they can be. Saying bye to the “Hearing Ignoramus League” can be quite a challenge and if anyone succeeds, Well done!!