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Friday, January 25, 2008

Real change takes time - patience

It's heavy stuff. It's hectic. It's a difficult challenge to stay on top of your game. In form plus constant and consistently. Of late, in the past months, I realised that sometimes it is not that important to do one good big thing in a blue moon. But doing drips and drops of good on a consistent basis.

Imagine trying to change things in your life. Your way of living, your style, your approach to problems and resolutions, your vision and in fact, re-adjusting too; what you believe you stand for. All that happens may be say in a day, a week, or even a month. All perfect. It's big, it's change, it's positive. You're a better person that you've always wanted to be. You've met the high and mighty benchmark. But then, months later it all fades away. Almost everything starts looking exactly the same. The way it was before the overhaul. It's almost like those ten steps ahead drove you about thirteen steps back.

I figure that it's rather more productive and qualitative to go one step at a time. Instead of swallowing the entire monster at once, do what the ant did to the gigantic elephant: take one small bit at a time. That way, the change stays with you. The change builds on you, in you. It starts to become intrinsic, almost to say it becomes your second nature.

My little daughter, Tinyiko, is crawling now and started standing with my coffee table, couches, and ooh God; my dear CD rack as crutches. But just recently, she stands all on her own. No crutches. The previous crutches only come in for the SOS as she becomes unstable from attempting to put one leg ahead of the other. But I can tell you one thing, her stages seem to internalise before the next one kicks in. And the whole effort seems, well, effortless. Now imagine she skipped the learning-to-walk stage and just believed she could suddenly sprint like a her big sister Talia. Needless to say, she will be dissappointed and just get frustrated at the damning outcome.

So in short. Let change happen over time. As we strut in this instant results modern age, we must also remind ourselves that instant, for the majority part of it, lacks staying power. It lacks quality over time.

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Paula D. said...

I always get inspired when I come to your spot! Nice post!

pamelastitch said...


pamelastitch said...

Great, constant change happens over time...

something to mull over...

desperate lady said...

Yup ur right.
Children r cuties especially during their "crawl, learn how to stand" stage.