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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Staying positive in the darkness

Challenges come and go. It's what we make of them that actually stays with us. The lessons we take from our daily challenges. Think of the darkness that comes with the blackouts from Eskom, the traffic chaos, the increased rate of accidents, the lot of fuel now spent in snail traffic, the delays in all aspects of life and business. The sum cost of all that is just one big headache and nothing but a super blackout.

I hear of people emigrating. The blackouts having been there for a much longer period, albeit the time the have been with us have been pretty much costly and inconvenient. However, we need to see this as a challenge. A challenge that needs collective effort in order for solutions to come forth. That said, Eskom has to come out of the light, join us in the dark and spell out the truth of this situation. Honesty can tell us that they, at Eskom, can somewhat be trusted to be trying hard.

In life, as in blackouts, one needs to stay positive. Patience may run dry, but as long as we stay positive and see the situation as a challenge, then we might together be able to come up with solutions - be it using energy sparingly or by other means. Where there's a challenge, there must be a solution. I hope that Eskom is willing to play truth and cooperate a lot more with the public.

Surely though, notwithstanding the damage in the aftermath of blackout era, we will look back to this dark days and think that it taught us a lot about developing thick skin and being positive. Being negative will not produce enough energy to light even one bulb, let alone all those traffic lights in Sandton and Brooklyn. But being positive may keep us above the water as we pester Eskom to cooperate with the public and industry.

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