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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Eighty percent off peak

Currently, I'm at a juncture where I'm trying to align my goals with the true input needed to achieve them. Not funny enough, I realised that at most times, I perform at only 20 percent of my true capacity - don't you!. 

And I think some people, if not most, are also caught up in a pattern of using only 20 percent of their ability - missing out on 80 percent of their potential. A potential that if one achieved by even a small margin, would change their rate of success and the outcome of most of their goals.

But as for me, I choose not to despair. As for you, if you're a kindred spirit (chances are you're), take heart. One step at a time. But the eyes on the mark - the bulls eye. The 80 percent mark. Whilst at it make persuasive and deliberate attempts to ensure that the stagnant 80 percent of your potential is drawn into the game. That it becomes part of your efforts. And only then will you achieve your peak. A peak that we're all capable of but are content with what we've always been operating within and achieving - basically,  content with little.

With that mark achieved, I have no doubt that life would only change for the better. More would be achieved. Life would be more focused and give back more to you and those around you.

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