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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Waiting for a perfect shot

Most of the time we wait for a perfect moment to make things happen. To print our mark on the planet. Truth is, as evidenced by so many succesful characters in history, a perfect moment is just never coming. This means that the wait will only become longer and longer, and then eventually become infinite - a way of life. The time, if a perfect one at all, is NOW.

I pick on this weakness today because I realised that lately, I have just summoned my energies back. Not that they were never there, I just didn't tap into them deeply and consistently. With such energies, focused and robust, I achieve daily some of the things that I just kept putting off for later.

The other thing I realised about rather doing it now, without waiting to be perfectly ready, is that most successful people have made getting-things-done their way of life. Their second nature. It's something that they hold themselves too until it all seems automatic.

Where do you stand in the endeavour to make things happen. To leave your personal mark wherever you interact, wherever you strut?

I choose to make consistent tries to get it done, realistically, 80% of the time.

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