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Monday, August 11, 2008

Introducing Reached Investments

Introducing www.reached.co.za - spread the NOISE

Ok. Hard times still. I wrote in my last post below that the rough times are upon me, and now they're in my midst. But as I did say, it's either I spot an opportunity and make something significant out of the hard, or crawl down and fade out of the game.

So, I introduce to you, which you must introduce only to your finance director or the man himself, the CEO of your company or department, that there is a new swoop in town: Reached Communications - a brand value communication agency that I have just crafted. It still smells like a new handbag Gucci. A new pair of shoes Prada (without the devil wearing them).

Reached Communications will only be one of the scores of some others to be pushed through Reached Investments, a holdings company in the makings. Most of these may sound like a wet dream, but one or two few steps have kinda clinched me a first small client. And guess what, the first big client for Reached Communications is going to be secured through you... so big up to you for passing this message to your rich/powerful cuz, rich/powerful boyfriend, rich/powerful husband, rich/powerful girldfriend, sister, mom, dad, grands and your connections.

Reference is to this pitshop: www.reached.co.za .


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