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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hard times or Opportunity

It's hard times. For the first time since I left varsity as a qualified journalist (Sunday Times trained), I find myself unemployed. Qualified, skilled, experience and innovative + unemployed.

Finding myself in this position makes me revisit my ideas of starting up my Co. Now here I sit at this desk in my study (in a 'tin dladla', huge mahagony desk from antique shop, entrepreneurial and marketing books all round the shelves, a candlelight by the laptop, no electric supply or phoneline) and trying to start a Reached Communications/ Reached People. And the energy, with this coffee bucket on the desk gives me hope that I will start this company.

Although it was never planned that I be unemployed, with two kids and a homemaker wife, I just gotta live with the fact that if I can't get into some other position as an individual, then I better get in to the game of business. Last week I chose to crawl under and die. But today, now, I chose to climb up and, bust and shine.

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1 comment:

Carol King said...

Reach out for your dreams Israel, I am sure with the grace of god and you obvious determination and talent you must succeed.

Blessings to you and yours.