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Monday, December 3, 2007

The key word in Team is Player

Funny enough I'm at a point in my life where I'm forced to acknowledge a long known truth: things work out amongst people, teams, families, communities and nations because all involved have an active and practical vested interest - they're players in a team. Therefore, all parties involved hold dear the success of the goal and vision of what they either want to achieve or has to be achieved.

However, in most cases, especialy where feuds erupt, all parties involved may see the same vision, all hold dear to their heart that such an enriching destination be achieved, but paradoxically, some amongst the parties/team will not stretch their minds and hearts and sweat enough to make reality such a dream. This means that some people in a team naturally forget that they're in a team as players. Practical players. By virtue of a player being in a team doesn't mean that they are playing.

You find misunderstandings turning into feuds, simple feuds into complex conflicts, conflicts into irrepairable relations - therefore, a chain reaction: more and more conflicts. At the end, none wins, for we have been taught by our fores that sometimes winning in a 'war' is in fact losing more than that which you overpowered with your strength and tactics.

For me, there's no easy-go fastfood type solution to avoiding this disturbance of the peace and harmony which prevents the joy of life from thriving. I say so because as people, we're different, we have different approaches. But at the same time, we're so the same that in many ways that we forget that we share a vision: to live together peacefully with each of us being respected for their ways and personalities.

The danger with too much diversity too, and Kings and Queens would be happy I reiterate this, is that we all, as a team, never really move just in time to arrive at a common decision. Too much democracy kills advancement.

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