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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pressure inspires

Us humans are a funny and paradox-filled species. In May I had a tooth op due to some chicken feet bone shrapnel being lodged between the tooth and the gum. The pain was so unbearable hell had no fury. Now the funny part of the human species: in the midst of failing to endure the pain, I made so many promises. No, I made oaths. Countless solemn oaths about what dedication, committment and creativity I'll demonstrate should God only let me go pass that pain - yes, it felt deadly. And then the angels removed the pain - they came in white coats, one looking up my mouth with a drill in hand, the other passing all sorts of sharp needles. Then the months later, I never did all that I said I'd do when I was on my 'death-bed' - it was that bad.

It's true that us humans we do most awesome things under pressure. All sorts of pressure. What with me jumping an awesomely high fence in the village running from fierce dog that I was show intended to murder me. That fence is so high, when I told people I jumped it unscathed, they never believed. Call it adrenal moments. Now, when we're under pressure or at our lowest, we seem to connect far much better with some dormant, silent power from within us. A power that we know or suspect we posses, but never really strive to tap into.

I'm sure you do relate here. The things you've always wanted to say but never said because the was no pressure, be it emotional or otherwise pressure. But just that one time when the situation is so heavy on your heart more than your shoulders, you spit it the way you normally wouldn't.

I asked myself this question today: How would harness that kind of inspiration positively and use it at a time when I choose to constructively? What would happen? Wouldn't I be awesome, great? I got no doubt.

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