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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A heel snaps, and you stay calm under pressure

I laughed my guts out yesterday. I learnt my heart a good lesson too. A friend popped into my office, hilarious and all, to story-tell me that en route from the main gate of University, as she swankily walked across something embarrassing and dangerous happened. As she walked, she noticed a green stilleto fly in front of her with a snapped heel. She was discomforted and felt the heat on the ground at the same nearly landing herself on the ground. "I wondered, now whose show is that," she asked herself as she slowed down feeling some pain in her feet (all in this in split seconds, I imagine). Little did she know her shoe was, today, green and it had snapped the heel and flew right in front of her.

She tells me she was embarrassed. "Then I noticed all sorts of people staring at me, being me, I kept my calm, walked forward and picked my shoe, took out my other pair of flat reliable ones, and off I walked," she said. Being her, I'm sure she continued to walk with the same swankiness and grace le grande not caring what others made of her near-ankle tearing misfortune. When she got to my office to tell the story, she was laughing hilarious.

Lesson for me: Don't take yourself too seriously. Insomany things, just don't take yourself too seriously, that may work against you, it may make it possible for you to hurt whereas if you went light on it, you would laugh at the situation/problem and carry on with the same confidence. There may be pain, embarrassment inside from the failure, but hey, if you stayed calm under pressure and cared less what most people think, you are sure to bounce back equally well or even ten times better and continue to succeed, fail, succeed and succeed even more.

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Lovita said...

thx 4 stopping by my blog

Deacon Pat said...

I enjoyed your blog.


Jaybabe said...

I have something for you at my blog. Go check out. Merry xmas!!

The Randomness said...

Ouch!!! Very good advice as usual Izzy. Compliments of the season and may you continue to be blessed