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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The business of masterpieces

I like what the guys of the Jumeirah Group – the creators of the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab (in Dubai) are doing. I like what Sol Kerzner, of Kerzner International, the developers of Sun City (and now the Tower Marina – boasting a R100m penthouse) is doing. These guys, their teams and others, are involved in what I call ‘the business of masterpieces’.

These companies and their leaders have the kind of minds not made in this world. At least because their limits are only up as high as the skies can stretch. They not only dream it, but they dream it big. I mean, DAMNED BIG. And big and extra unique they make it.

These companies, these individuals pour themselves into their projects – even though they are told by professionals and experts/critics that it cannot be done. And they always come up tops and deliver even beyond their own wildest dreams. Their successes are never ordinary. They are beyond extraordinary. They’re, for lack of words, ‘grande’ unique.

Why won’t any of us get inspired and motivated by what these companies and the individuals behind them dream up and create? If we could achieve at least only 50% of the marvels that they take years and years putting together, then we would be able to produce masterpieces out of our own projects.

I want a piece of mastery in my life. A creation, be it a book, a building, a graphic design piece, a poem, a photograph or anything else worthy of my hand. If only that little much I can create, then I should be able to sit back in admiration of achieving a masterpiece. Being part of the business of masterpieces.

But one thing I know for sure is that the business of masterpieces doesn’t involve shortcuts and run-of-the-mill thinking. It requires long term effort and dedication to deliver on a large scale commitment. Something of a legend, one may say.

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po said...

My creative writing teacher quoted to us that the only difference between a successful writer and a failed one is that the failed one gave up. I think that wisdom can be applied to all things, so keep trying with your masterpiece, whatever it turns out to be!