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Monday, April 21, 2008

Limited or imagined limits?

My puppy, Tommy – a replacement of the real Tommy my parents hawked some 3 years ago whilst I was at varsity – taught me something. (Because it virtually enslaves my kids during daylight, I leash it until night falls when the girls don’t need the playground no longer). Guess what, untied and free to roam the yard, Tommy ran only as far as the leash allowed it earlier.

Basically, the poor but cute puppy imagined and in fact, felt it still was tied. Limited freedom it imagined (if dogs do) that the reality is that it can't move beyond a certain point. Beyond a certain benchmark. Past the usual point. The puppy knew, for a fact that its ability to move any further from its area of wander was impractical, fluff and air-castle. That it doesn’t matter how strong it was, it was not achievable to move beyond the normal - the area of the leash.

Driving point home: as human beings, we often limit ourselves too. We often think that we can't achieve beyond what we’re not usually used to. That the higher and more rewarding benchmark can’t be reached by us because yesterday, or history, taught us that we can’t. Like Tommy, we get used to limits, and start to perform, innately, within those limits. Anything above and beyond seems like a wish-wash. Like wooz.

The reality is that, your leash sometimes comes off. ‘Every dog has its day.’ Every star (-human being) has their moment to become a superstar, if they’re up to it. But when your day of reckoning comes, the moment when the leash/the tie is off, will you know by pushing a few steps further above the limit, or will you let pass by sitting in the comfort zone imagining that you’re limited (like poor, but furious Tommy)?

When you’re day of reckoning comes, seize the moment.

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Heidrun Peters said...

Hi Israel, this is a great post, and well written.
I often use similar stories in my practice as a psychotherapist (tiger in cage etc.). It is so true that people prefer to sit "in the comfort zone"!
I admire your blog and have "stumbled" it here: http://heipet.stumbleupon.com/public/
Greetings from Germany,
Heidrun Karin Peters

Esther Garvi said...

Interesting reflection, Izz!

The Randomness said...

Izzy u never lie my brother - u never lie. As always I have learnt something new. It's all about framing...