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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Personal integrity revisited

Today I'm haunted by a thought which I wrote about several months ago: that if you you don't maintain personal integrity, you fail in most things. If not fail, you will experience shortfalls in your quality of life, of your goals, of you success. The quality will just short you in so many ways. But surely, as I've so often realised, with personal integrity, most things in life become less painful in the in longer run.

So if you say you're going to start a new regime at a certain time in your life and that time has arrived, change, start. Just do it. If your goals are due, make sure you will have put in the sweat of your labour and deliver on the personal promise.

That way, you have less of a haunting voice inside of you that says, "how often will you procrastinate, lazy", "why can't you made a single goal you yourself has set", "why can't you stick to that diet you swore in January you would stick to", why this, why that and many more whys and ifs. And where we cheat personal integrity, our heart of hearts always reminds us and once we remember, we become miserable as our own innerselves confront us on our habits.

Watch your personal integrity barometer. You actually only stand to benefit if you stick to it.

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