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Friday, April 18, 2008

Star Performers Inc.

Bad performers somewhat have a right, even if not so innate, to perform bad. Repecursions very little unto them since they're use to them. But star performers. Great performers. Geniuses, on the other hand, have a responsibility to keep performing at peak. They can and shouldn't mellow their performance.

It's a responsibility of a committed perform to ensure that a project started on a high note is ended/closed/delivered on a high note. Or may be even a higher note. Once you set your performance benchmark levels higher, then you better haul those sockses higher as well. Always.

It's when a star perform makes the slightest of sloppiness that the world around them notices. It's when a sloppy performer plays a bad, slumbersome note that no one even pays attention or is slightly worried. Because it is expected. In contrast, so is with the star perform: it's expected that you kick ass left right and centre all the time.

So once you start on a good note. Once you adopt a style and approach of one who delivers excellence, then excellence will always be expected of you. You should, in fact, expect, you yourself, excellence out of you all the time. Any time.

I'm going there. I'm getting there. Gimme a bit of time.

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