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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Believe in an idea

Sometimes I have this marvellous ideas. So awesome they could set my mind alight - live. Such ideas come when I least expect them to (when do yours come). They're most spontaneous of imaginary creatures. Some people call these moments their bulb moments. Einstein moment.

To me, they mostly come during a period of intense reading (the rests between such readings). Periods when I'm most engaged to full throttle with my mind. In stark contrast though, they also come when I'm most relaxed. When I'm so relaxed I virtually ponder nothing in my head and then POP, a bonfire of an idea explodes.

But alongside such brilliancy, I noticed something missing. Something probably more important and significant than the most-awesome idea itself. That most of the time there's lack of believe in ones own ideas. Lacking the believe that although common sense says 'ah-aaah, not doable', one trusts and has faith that it can be done.

With me, I realised that if I pursued something that I doubt. Something I don't truly believe to be fruitful in its nature, I tend to go half at it. Sparing the other energy and resources for another. Divided attention I tell you.

It takes a lot to believe in your own idea. A lot more than it takes to even work on that idea. But at the same time, no work, no pay. No sweat, no mass. Simple as that. So my own lesson for today is that I must harness my ability to believe. Reignite it. Light it back up. And then quadraple that with 100% pure hard work. Let alone with pursued imagination.

So once you capture that brilliant moment. Once you net that awesome idea. First believe truly in it, then stack up the hard work and bring it home to roast - success that is.

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