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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My principles to true joy

I thought I should share a few principles that I've been aligning my life with lately. They're, in fact, extracted from one of the chapters in a book that I'm working on. In the book there's no reference to the Creed of Izz. That's just my pompous ego having a go at it.

Creed of Izz

- Seven principles to true joy

1. Seize the reign of fear in thy heart

2. Tame thy pompous ego

3. Make personal integrity the root of thy heart

4. Manifest thy heart’s desires by pursuing thy life’s purpose

5. Share the spoils of thy labour and sweat

6. Seek to genuinely display thy heart’s innate love to all thy fellow beings

7. Be content with little material riches, but constantly seek infinite inner wealth

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