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Friday, March 7, 2008

Develop a love for design

All things equal, life is pretty good. All things equal, design is life. Design makes life. Design is the entire beauty of life.

At least that's how much Izz loves design. I realise that most of my good ideas (including my poetry and some writings and my home decor) were inspired by the passion for design and by other designs that I come across. Even the 14-chapter novel that I'm working claims as its source, design.

We always buy one or two products in a day and overlook the attractive, often (at least to me) inspiring designs that adorn them. The house designs, signage design, automobile designs, decor designs and even ideas designs. The conglomerate of all that. All that cocktail, if you think long and hard about it, would inspire one to develop intriguing ideas that one hasn't even thought of as yet (obvisouly for fear of being a little crazy - for being non-comformist is called CRAZY). At least for me noticing design patterns has gotten me that far, and even on a path to a creative highway. Once on that highway - and am sure am on my way there just now - the achievements will be numerous.

So today my word is only that do pause everytime you have yourself a product with catchy design, when you go passed a well designed product of any kind. Make a mental snapshot of it. Do so often until it almost becomes second nature and I have no doubt that when you need to get creative with something, anything, a conglomerate of all that design patterns you had consumed will come to your marvellous rescue.

Something for me to keep working on.

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Esther Garvi said...

Hi Izz, I am now back in Sweden under the not so great circumstances, but have now been able to access the net again. I am eagerly wondering how is the novel going?? Much love from Star