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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The bitter with the sweet

A bowl of sour grapes. Bitter, sour grapes. One would describe the journey of life like that sometimes. Or is it often. But then again, in life, we have to take teh bitter with the sweet. For times roll, the good old days return. Times roll a slope further, then the bad old days pay us that dreaded bitter visit. And it is during this time that we wish this, that, and that.

Someone just recently said to me, whatever you're going through Izz, take the bitter with the sweet. And remember a coin always has two sides and more often than not, the other side is always good. And that good side, once the coin rolls over like time does, it will be your opportunity of enjoying a busk or two in the sun.

Not cultivating thick skin, the kind that can stand the cold days in your life, will always make one pessimistic. For you wouldn't see the silver lining in the clouds. That thin, very thin silver line that says, 'there's light alongside this darkness'. That the tunnel ends with the light. But if we can't take the bitter with the sweet, our hope will not last us to get to the sweeter part of the journey of life.

I better try and re-engineer my skin to be a bit thicker than it is sometimes. It does get to be a bit too thin, especially when I have lost all hope in something. Sure you can also do that as someday you will need that thick skin when the bitter period cuts in.

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