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Friday, March 7, 2008

Patrice on cover of Forbes as BILLIONAIRE

Patrice, a man I'm lucky to often shake his right had whenever ever I'm at Nelson Mandela Square (by Sandton City), has made the cover of the international benchmark business magazine, Forbes.

He is introduced as the new kid billionaire (only black South African national) with riches amounting to about R6.6 billion at todays rates. He makes all his riches from resources. His empire is African Rainbow Minerals (ARM).

I hope that having rubbed his hand some of the business aura/mysticism/shrewedness/attitude/energy of him has somewhat transformed into me for use tomorrow.

At the time, during the Audi/Joburg Fashion Week, when I networked Patrice and asked on what made him tick and what it takes to get to where he is, the answer was: nothing makes me what I am. I just believe in what I want and I work hard for it. And yes, he did seem and sound very normal and like your neighbour. So he is not wired differently in his biology, it's his attitude and approach that he has re-wired to be of a go-getter, or shall I say billionaire!

A mention of note is also that Bill Gates is now former richest man on earth alive. He has been unseated from the top golden throne by the modest investor guru and villager, Warren Buffet.

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Vanessa said...

Hi, Izz. I'm just passing through to check out your blog. It's been too long since we've corresponded. I see you're still sharing your excellent writing skills.

Peace and Blessings...