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Friday, April 20, 2007

Blogging 101 in brief: Getting it right.

I was going through blogs I love on my Motorola V3i last night. (I do read blogs on the phone as opposed to using sociologically and culturally damaging activities such as non-stop, addictive chatting on MXiT and Reporo - which has, of late, replaced human interactions and reading with obscenity and vulgar-cheap, cheal, illiterate culture). Anyways, that is a topic for a much deeper discussion I'm planning soon which will be very detailed.

Before I lose track, yes, on my V3i I visited two blogs, www.matthewbuckland.com and www.verastic.blogspot.com and I found exactly what I had been looking for. A familiar blog spilling out, in brief and concise entry, what one needs to do to make their blog better and increase their community of readers, but more so, keep people coming back.

They did, in my view, a very job at it and I'm going to implement their suggestions right away as this blog has to become one of the biggest in the South Africa blogosphere.

See the direct links to their tips here. You and your blog will benefit from them without too much chaff and hassle:

Matt's 'The golden rules of blogging...'

Vera's 'Blogging - The New Ebe Ano '

Hope you learn a thing or two as much Izz did. But more so, act.

Till shortly, be Great!

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Jaybabe said...

You are very right on the one.But i haven't seen the mathew one,gues i better go there right now...be back!