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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hand for lunch - fear nature for it is but a beast

I was surfing the news on the net on www.iafrica.com this morning and I came across this picture and found it amusing. I don't know why exactly I find it funny as a man, Chang Po-yu (38) has just lost a hand.
But the reason I may have laughed is that some people just don't respect nature for what it is. They don't seem to separate the man from the beast - the two will never become one. You play around a live croc, healing it or infuriating it, the law of nature is just obvious, it knows only one thing: FEEDING!
And you getting too close without protective clothing or measures, you will be a snack of the day for it. So to all you experts of nature, please don't try this at home, you will lose, specifically as demonstrated, your left hand and somebody somewhere who respects nature will have something to, unfortunately, laugh about.
I sound mean I know, but alas!

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Jaybabe said...

So..i'm first? Wow!

O.M.G! What the hell was he tryina do playing with that beast? God! This animal is dangerous o!..So where is the other whole part where that hand was attached?..gobbled up already?..lol..i hope lessons learnt won't be lessons repeated abih?

Izz said...

He is gonna come back. Nature troublers always come back as they would 'rather die doing what they live'. I would rather die amongst fellow man (even if they hate me) than at the mercy of a beast.