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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Water problem: well quarterbacked

The amateur PR machines for the estate must be doing a very good job. I think things may not turn out as planned exactly regarding the water problem at Mooikloofridge. It seems that somebody is giving the developer and the managers of the estate very good communication (public relations) advise.

I visited the www.mooikloofridge.com website and the water problem there is touted to be receiving the utmost of attention. But having been a PR man before, I know that somebody is really quarterbacking this very well. They are throwing very good facts at the problem. Mentiong the meetings with various parties and working around the clock to sort it out. This is to the extent of even explaining, in detail, the workings of the supply chain for us to get water, and infact, clearing out the confusion that MT Developments is supposed to be giving out water to the residents.

They are, primarily, and as the developer, supposed to be the ones held responsible for any hiccups that arise. But I can vouch right now that after the PR has been exposed and fatigued, throwing facts about meetings and meetings resolutions will not be enough and people will still want to see water come out of their taps. And if that doesn't happen, I doubt many people will be this understanding and tolerant at all. People will start to see MT Development and their associates for what they really are: Profit-kissing capitalists of note.

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