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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


The next book on my list to buy is Re-imagine, by Tom Peters. I spotted it by chance at a local book shop. I fell for the book just by virture of its title. And besides, I have read a lot of Tom's books and I found them to be unconventionally insightfull and mind opening. His books force you to think differently and approach problems in a way that is more exciting than the norm has taught us.

I hope that I'm making a worthy buy. So far, my 'Book a month' project is paying off. And luckily for me, I got so hooked that this plan is the first of all my plans that I truly stuck too. May be it is bacause I do really love reading. The benefits are more than exciting and my line of thought is becoming a lot wider and more informed. So Tom, bring it on baby.

Please see my review here later on. I have about 5 other books that I have to review here as well.

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