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Monday, April 16, 2007

Mooikloof Ridge still haven for kids

Princess Talia at Mooikloof Ridge enjoying the walk.

Princess Talia having a run at it (the camera).

In case you getting the wrong message out of my ranting regarding Mooikloof Ridge persistend water chaos, I still think it's a good environment for kids and Talia says it's "on-top" for her afternoon walks. And that's why I believe in this concept across South Africa. Although this estates are called gated-communities, in way, they are communities that encourage, not pervasively so though, interaction between the black and white races in this country.

I keep mentioning black and white, and that's because I feel that it is very important for these two races to interact, learn about each other and build better understandings to avoid small and useless, but costly confrontations and conflicts. With that understanding and harmony, South Africa can become a better place and the focus can be on developing it further, fighting poverty by working together.

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Rod said...

Beautiful and EDUCATIONAL at the same time. I love your site. I have visited Africa but never been to South Africa - it is on my list of places to go. I have a lot of friends there who rave about the people and the natural beauty of the country.
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