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Thursday, April 26, 2007

MXiT Culture: A Fcuked Generation

There's this one 'THING' called MXiT (m-x-i-t, which I just pronounce 'mix it'). It's a chat technology on wap with several rooms and free messaging services. I have serious problems with it. One being that I failed dismally several times, when I tried to load it to my phone. Two, and bigger reason here: I frankly think that it is one of the biggest 'shitwaves' to have hit my generation.

MXiT has seen the normal culture pillars being partially, if not to large degree, eroded in those who use it. Some people who use this cellphone technology have become so taken aback by it that they start to seem like zombies glued to a little mobile machine. All they do is just stare at their screen nearly the entire time in the midst of other people and are oblivious to the need for any live human interaction.

Pity that the majority of those who abuse - or to put it more bluntly - get abused by this types of technologies are kids. These days, kids as young as eight - to be safe on my guess - have multimedia-capable cellphones coming with wap. The very capability of these advanced phones forces them to find ways of taking advantage of every imagineable use of this gadgets. And at most, they lose time with real simple cultural learnings like going about good live human interactions with their mates or even better, with their families.

I noticed this addiction to the cellphone, and more so, to MXiT and other wap chats such as Reporo - which I was able to download and confirm some of my fears - whilst I was in the village two weeks ago. My little brothers were all but oblivious to whatever was going on around them as they were busy chatting away the next 'hot babe' on their cellphones, smiles wide as that of a croc. Forget the chores mommy asks them to do. Never mind the homeworks. No more average physical activity. Playing is non-existent in their days. All they ever wanna do is get the next 'hot babe' and flirt on their phones, if not so, they would be waiting for the 'hottie' to MMS her picture.

In my teens or earlier age, all we did was play, homework, house chores, play and then more play (read: interactions with live humans - not machines with strangers and psychos on the other end). We learnt to appreciate relationships. We learnt ways of conversing with others, mainly our friends and people outside our immediate circle. But my brothers and their specific part of this generation have their minds controlled by the cellphone chat sites that are only effectively alluring to them because there are 'hot babes' on the other end.

This is, without doubt, from nowforth going to be a fcuked generation. Them, and I only use them as more of my observation, are going to lose out on so much that the other generations gained. There will be all sorts of chaotic behaviours and deficiencies of common sensical stuff coming out of them in time. And sincerely feel pity for them, especially since they are convinced that it is harmless and equal to having a one-on-one conversation or playing with other teens or kids around. Well, it's all gonna turn out to be a totally fcuked generation.

I will be blogging a lot more on this issue as I feel it is very important.

I'm headed back to the village to see what other sites they have discovered that claim to give them an opportunity to meet the world and make many friends.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


Lebolo said...

I totallly agree Izzy, I have two cousins who are so obssesed with it,one has totally replaced homework with Mxit, whenever she visits, she can't wait to go home so she can get back to the Mxit, she has confessed to being asked to send her photo in a birthday suit but she still hasn't quit. Suggestion: A life skills subject at school that will teach them about the dangers of Mxit etc maybe some genuinely don't realise what it is really happening to them, maybe have subjects like dance class during normal school hours, something that is fun for them and that will make them stop the obessesion with Mxit.

Izz said...

You're right Lebza. Something to substitute this obsession will need to be found. I know of a researcher called Chris Coetzee in CT who is engaged in finding ways to sort the mess out. Some of his solutions are amazing. He has started to visit schools and demonstrate the uses and abuses of Mxit.

Marius said...

You are all absolutely correct. MXit is not only a hazard to our youth, but also to our marriages and relationships. My wife of five years, moved out on her 40th birthday, 15 June 2008, to join a truck driver that she met on MXit. How sick can that be, no stability, no money, no emotional security, the guy is always out somewhere driving his truck. She took my 4 year old son with. He now needs psychological treatment for the trauma in his life. What used to be a well balanced happy and content little boy growing up in a IT project managers home, earning in 5 days what the new guy earns in a month, is now UNHAPPY.