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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Clothes maketh the man

I don’t collect clothes nor am I a keeper of a load of shoes. To be precise, and by design, I have three pairs of ‘proper’ shoes. Fine by me. One reason for this is that naturally I have, some people, favourites of anything and I get too biased and end up not using what I spent hard earned cash on.

Yesterday morning, just after that heated shower I dashed for my clothes. Then just before putting on those fashionable sharp nose shoes, my wife stopped me. She instructed that I haven’t worn my square nose shoes in about four months.

I went on to grab my favourite shoes – I can be monotonous with good looking items, like I said. She gave me that no ‘bullshitting you’ look. Well, I swapped the sharp noses for those less liked – to put it lightly – shoes.

I spent the entire day feeling low note in my mood – like 2 degrees Celsius, if mood were to be Pretoria’s weather. The only highlights being my 30 minutes power workout at the gym and listening to Bob Marley’s Rastaman Chant as I blog this.

It was precisely those shoes that sacked my smiles and confidence. They made me feel uncomfortable in my own ‘skin’. This set a precedent. I started feeling that they were out of sync with my favourite jeans and shirt – cramping my whole style. My mood. My walk. My smile. And by that, my confidence went on vacation for the day.

It reminded me that whilst I was working on the personal confidence thing some months ago, I singled out the most culprit there to be the image (the clothes). They did not make the man.

I’m a relatively confident guy (and I’m being modest about this), but needed a new wardrobe to up the levels to, erm, call it super-ego (no, not vanity). And that worked wonders, until yesterday in those shoes, which my best colleague confirmed I look good in them. She was being nice – she is a family friend.

But without doubt, I’m going to conveniently go into permanent amnesia about where I last took them off – remember the playground and soccer in the first few grades (I left my shoes there whilst scoring some goals and they were not there the next day).

Hey, my point, clothes maketh the man.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire

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