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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Free mobile data cards for the bloggers?

Perhaps my blogging, or is it my writing, has become of an addiction lately. I find myself wanting to write about so many things all the same time, but less time to do so. I think, as of now, 01:35am is the precise time on this machine, I'll be blogging more often and expressing thoughts more intently.

Why? Well, I just managed to install, and set up my new mobile conntect data card. And the beauty of this thing is that as I write this, I'm just 'chillaxing' in bed - albeit a very hectic and bad day.

Daughter is sick. My toothache is murdering me and has in fact swollen the entire right side of my face. It looks disfigured and I'm sure my kids find me scary, hence Tinyiko, the two month old has been screaming the whole day. Seems the bones I was eating got lodged into one of the nerves. Yes, Ouch.

In any case, the blogflag goes on. The writingmast keeps standing high, sick or not sick. It's great to keep up with technology I must say though. No more writing on word first in the evenings, and posting the next day at work and no posting on the weekends. I'm seriously considering buying vodafone mobile data cards for all the serious bloggers on the SA blogosphere. I really am. Let me find the funds first. And will get back to you. Ok. The tooth fairy calls me to sleep now. What an ass the ache is.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


Tertia said...

Now THAT is what I call true dedication to the task.

I LOVE my 3G data card, love it! I blog from coffee shops, meetings, my car...... Love that data card.

Hope your eina gets better soon


phathu said...

Run for president, I will vote for you :)

Izz said...

A truthful dedication it is in deed. And a marvel it will be to blog and in general, write wherever whenever! Ta re the ache. Doc says can't pull it out but must squeeze out absess and then cut a nerve in 6 days time.

Phathu, the Lottery isn't coming back sooner than I thought. I really want to get mobile cards for everyone, campaign or not campaign (against Dj JZ).

benin mwangi said...


You just started like 2 months ago? Man, you are really good.

I enjoy your writing style. Plus, that mobile card sounds really cool.

But again I wanted to let you know that I really like your site-Stay up!

Anonymous said...

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