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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Weird and normal observations, but coincidental

Following my white-beggars-observation entry, I thought of other weird observations that I make daily. And I came up with some sort of list. Unfortunately some of the points in the list trail on the side of race and racism. But then again, to me race and racism is always, anyday, anytime, interesting when I come across it in my daily go-abouts or in readings. Here we go:

  1. Whenever I go to the bank or anywhere the crowd may go, I am always the last in a long queue. Five minutes in the line, it moves quick, then thereafter it stops moving nearly-completely. Most of the time I just leave - and that's why I end up being behind with some of my payments. Thanks to Tim Berners-Lee, the 'father' of the web, I now bank from the comfort of my office.
  2. Doing work in time always gets my energies and zeal and chatzpah and ideas underperforming. Almost like my performance is out of sync with feeling - of pressure. Under pressure, I produce the best and things I would, under normal feeling, would not have. Think of it as the blacksmith in the lab, working on a horse shoe. He is nothing without the 300degrees fire.
  3. White people in South Africa (more so Pretoria) will not give a black man (and even most black women) a lift. Even if clearly, you needing a lift (hitch-hiking) to work - laptop in hand and looking decent in a jacket and looking helpless as opposed to harmful. That still beffles me each morning when I come to work that my finger goes down when white driven car comes. In six months, in an 80% white area, I hitched to work only with blacks. Eish, is't that crime factor in South Africa still continuing to separate us?.
  4. If you got nothing, you got nothing in abundance. If you got something, you got something in abundance (in most cases). I guess that might explain why in South Africa, the poor are just that, poor (and even poorest). The haves, well, always have loads and stax of what they need and do not need.
  5. When you pressed and you try and keep it in, it works, works, works, works, and works, and works until you see a sign written Toilet or you see the toilet door or you approach the toilet seat... the flood gates just want to floodout. I guess that thing of image-mental stimuli really works. Evidence found. You read it here first baby!
  6. BBBEE (BEE), whenever it is mentioned in prominence, is when a black company has stolen, misused or squandered money. Also, it takes prominence too when a white company has called itself BEE to get a gov contract and fronted an unprofessional unskilled black man who get's peanuts for having signed up as top shareholder.
  7. With my new year's resolutions, I have observed, have been the same things for the past 5 years or just under. They just come back every December rehashed. More like pimped up with more ego and turbo chargers - oh, yes, without the ignition key.
  8. Traffic on the South African roads can change dramatically within 5min. Especially if you decided to catch that quick breakfast and it makes all the difference in you sitting in traffic.

That's all for now folks!

Some of these observations you may have made yourself silently but never really thought of.
"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire

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Sword said...

I will bring this BLOG to David Bullard attention, he might be interested(sic). You are one witty dude, I dont really like you but then again, u are just another dude from the Village like myself, Whreas Village boys knows better than draw in a Mexican standoff.