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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Strictly come dancing: Lesley Mofokeng goes boogying.

He didn’t tip me he is now in the A-list of the head hunted celebrities for glitzy shows. Lesley Mofokeng a former colleague (of the Sunday Times) and friend, is boogying for more dose of fame on the sleek SABC2 TV show, Strictly Come Dancing.

When I called him yesterday morning, after realising he has joined the inevitable world of blogging, he informed me of his new body twirling venture and took pride, which I shared, in not forgetting to make mention that he was ‘personally head hunted’ to strut his tuxedo at the historic Carlton Centre alongside some uber-celebs in the gaze of millions of eyes – no that Les will be a stranger to such overwhelming spectatorship.

He becomes one of those people, as Tertia so said, ‘you just gotta envy’. Imagine the world of SA being entertained, expertly or not, by your dancing moves that you learn under pressure within a few weeks – juggling daily between your salaried life and fame dose. (That, my friend Les, I can’t let pass but envy. Not that I’m a celeb by any means, but you should passed the producers my number).

In any case, I have no doubt that it’s in opportunities such as this that one does it more for the exhilarating experience it is than to flabbergast the judges, after only a couple of weeks of practicing – although impressing those voting at home can stand one good and push you to the finals.

But more than anything, it’s for the experience and the fun. And Les put it well on that phone conversation: “… I will have enjoyed myself. The whole experience…”. So SA, let’s vote Lesley Mofokeng the king of the dance at Strictly Come Dancing. He tells me he goes to gym too in the hope to impress, even with the tux on.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire

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Anonymous said...

Izzy, Thanks for your kind words. I am a fan of your blog and enjoy the topics here. Keep up the good work man.
Best wishes

Lesley Mofokeng