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Friday, May 18, 2007

Earn a million dollars in 30 seconds

Like the many other itching wanderous souls out there, I’ve been making repetitive batterings to mould my soul and my mind into something extraordinary – in my books at least. And the failures in my attempt, I’m told by friends, are successes in miniature and the win will come in grandiose someday (hopefully not when I’m all grey – or dye-hair – like David Bullard).

This small failures are perhaps the reason I stopped being a fan of the millions of commercial self-help books out there. But this one, The Greatness Guide by Robin Sharma, does it for me and as I already said, it’s become like a hymnal for adding grace to my days.

Regarding my batterings and the far-forthcoming dye-grey hair (luckily I'm still 24), I took comfort in this passage from The Greatness Guide whilst reading last night:

One day a woman spotted Pablo Picasso in the market and pulled out a piece of paper. “Mr Picasso,” she said excitedly, “I’m a big fan. Please, could you do a little drawing for me?” Picasso happily complied and quickly etched out a piece of art for her on the paper provided. He smiled as he handed it back to her, and said, “That will be a million dollars.” “But Mr. Picasso,” the flustered woman replied, “it only took you 30 seconds to do this little masterpiece.” “My good woman,” Picasso laughed, “it took me 30 years to do that masterpiece in 30 seconds.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire

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