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Friday, May 25, 2007

The famous stutterers in the world and me hating God

[The complete story is here.]

I wrote only one short story in my life. It was exactly 6 years ago as a first year at Rhodes University, just before I called papa in the village (Pankop) and told him, "I'm coming home. I'm dropping out of Rhodes and coming home tomorrow. I need money for the bus".

And on that near-fateful day where my future hung between a stutter and a fatal string - that string, well, it snapped. Literally.

See the story of my real life pain here. And for some members of my family, the pain goes on as they haven't found ways, as yet, to kick this throat devil in to mid-hell like I did. I'm lucky to have my speech back with all the disability sorted, or rather, perfectly managed.

An excerpt:

But Vusi interrupted him. He effortlessly told him that he wanted to say something to his classmates. "J-just one thing please", he begged for his own time.

"Sure, go on please", the co-ordinator permitted.

"I love God, but I hate his authority", he declared to the class without a stutter.

He meant it. And everyone in that theatre could realise that he did.

My story as a stutterer, as published by the Minnesota State University, Mankato. Read it complete here or click on the link below.


Famous stutterers - they couldn't be stopped
A list of the most famous people in the world who stutter or kicked stuttering here. Most are actors and singers and politicians or are involved in speaking a lot daily as part of their careers. Amongst them:

Tiger Woods — one of the most successful golfers of all time
Jack Welch — General Electric
Julia Roberts — Academy Award-winning actress
Marilyn Monroe — actress and singer
Nicholas Brendon — TV star "Xander" in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
James Earl Jones — Broadway, television, and movie star
Bob Love — legendary star of the Chicago Bulls
Winston Churchill — statesman and orator
Bruce Willis — Leading actor
Lewis Carroll — British writer, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass
Bo Jackson — Multi-sport professional athlete
Jack Ebert — producer "Dances with Wolves"

See this list on an official website. Pity I couldn't find a non-American list anywhere. But then again, they are stutterers and share the same disability they either won over, like me, or are busy enjoying kicking it in the ass and loving every moment of it - and making lots of dough whilst at it.

Informative and useful links:

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