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Friday, June 1, 2007

Tooth fairy kicked my ass, no jokes

I'm still aching like hell from that toothache, which, the dentist, Dr Sic, informs me it's infact a naughty nerve that must be cut out.But nevertheless, I believe the tooth fairy wasn't laughing when she kicked my ass. The above is unfavourable pics that my wife hates so much. I hate the fact that I just can't smile even if I tried.
That's as far as my award winner smile goes. And after the nerve op, which I hope never happens since the pain has subsided (yes, heavy cocktail of painkillers - so not really gone, the Dr warns me).

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


Steve Hayes said...

If the pain is less, can't you manage even a tiny smirk?

Until you get the bill, that is.

Izz said...

I tried Steve. I tried. But that tooth fairy lady did a really damned good job on my mouth. I don't wish it upon my worst enemy. I hope I'll be able to smile at the bill when it arrives.

david santos said...

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