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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Beauty and the goose, or is it the beast?

The tooth fairy is still having a go at my front teeth. Like really giving them a serious goose, kicking it to the middle of the nerve - which Dr Sic said will be operated into numbness tomorrow at 10am.

And here I'm. Instead of saying a prayer over the forthcoming op, I'm having joy salivating over what The Seatle Coffee Co. beautifully called a 'Triple Chocolate Chilli Tart'. What a sugarrative and prettily designed cake it is - unfortunately, it doesn't taste as beautiful as it looks (talk of beauty outside, isn't beauty inside reflected).

Anyway, I'm washing it down with a tasteful Caffe Latte as my ever wondering mind perambulates (as Fred Khumalo would put it) about how ugly I've been for the past seven days. Ugly as a goose trying to stage a dance in muddy waters - it will end up looking uglier.

That's not to suggest that ugly people are like geese. But surely, I hated my face when it was disfigured by the tooth fairy. This made me wonder then, how do people who, compliments of conventional wisdom, are dubbed ugly feel for the rest of their lives. Especially knowing that change is not near, except for those with fat credits cards and medicacl aids to afford them aesthetological refigurement. Ok sorry, that means plastic surgery.

I don't even have a right to tag anyone as ugly or liken them to a muddy goose. But capitalist TV producers have taught me that there's 'in deed' the beautiful and the beasts in this world. And that's a pity that everyone looks at people through the eyes of the pop-tv images - make it American images at that.

Before my triple dose Gen Payne prescription from the anti-tooth fairy kind doctor, I looked horrible. Ugly. And my smiles didn't stand a pint of chance in a monkey or goose contest. That's when I realised that being ugly can really confine you down the lower radar of the social ladder.

Let's face it. As people, on average, we succeed due to our looks. We got our looks to thank for the pretty partner we have. The cute kids we are blessed with. The bigger upmarket houses we occupy in those 'golden corridor' suburbs (as David Bullard put in his weekend column). This also goes for the the uber-friends we enjoy, the less laboursome jobs, associations and all that uber-blah blah blah crap that we define our lives with.

And in our lives, first impressions last long right? Isn't it possible that the beautiful people - the non-geese - enjoy the quality of the incentives of the first impression that is forged by their beauty? And by the same token, that the ugly people, the goose, get punished for looking less than the blessed? In my mind, as sensitive a topic as this is, it is true. It holds water - not an ocean I know. But some good drops of liquid. And all these thanks to the television imagery of beauty vs the beast - wherein beauty carries the praise flay, and beast the laughable stalk.

I wouldn't, and you shouldn't pretend to, doubt that beautiful people get often promoted at work. Get hired faster than the goose. Get hotter hubbies or wifies. Look better in any masterpiece or crap cloth they wear. In my mind, and yes the latte and the triple chocolate chilli tart are speaking in concert with me, it does hold.

Why did I choose this topic today? Well, I just didn't have a good past week as I thought that I would be disfigured for life before that Gen Payne prescription - and I was trying to ease and acclimatise to the less pretty boy/beast tag. At the same time, I had drawn parallels between death and the healthy life. And again, I had thought a lot about happiness.

Which draws me back to the latte. When I served it, I popped my sugar sachets open and my attention was interested by the quotations at the back. Those Hullets sachets confirmed what I always pondered about regarding happiness:

Happiness is produced not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen as by little advantages that occur every day - BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

Happiness is a direction, not a place - SYDNEY HARIS

Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination - RAY GOODMAN

From contentment with little comes happiness - AFRICAN PROVERB

My own: Happiness is not beauty of the body. It is beauty on the inside.

So hey, regardless of what the looks are. Goose or pin-up masterpiece, beauty won't follow automatic. Beauty rages from the inside and will show on the outside, sizzling like the foam of a perfectly boiled caffe latte. It we shouldn't be fooled by beauty or tricked by ugliness - you'll be surprised of the ocean of happiness soaring from the inside.

That's why I wasn't really sad about my disfigured face.

Beauty and the beast? Beauty and the goose? I think don't draw your reality from the television images of what is beautiful and ugly. Draw your own. I just did.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


Heartwarmer said...

What happened to your teeth?

sky said...

"assume that Izz is a great photographer as much as he writes in a masterly manner.".

You know how it is, the more compliments given to yourself by yourself gives a spectator a urge of finding out to what extent the compliment is deserved by the complimented......... So, for those reasons I shall intrude more often.

Which village is this if I may ask; I wish we could all keep that same essence of villages and stop turning them into townships. I am admiring the plates, quite a good culture with patriots going in your village I should think......

Keep blogging>>> hope the toothache gives you a break.......do they still take them out or they've found a cure intead of taking them out??

Israel Izz Mlambo said...

The tooth fairy kung fu-styled kick happened to my tooth heartwarmer.

Sky, my passion for photography will stand me good and hopefully inspire me to arrest some good moments. Yes,village essence must be preserved and I really do have a good time and peace of mind whenever I'm there.

The tooth stays. The smart doc, in his words, my teeth are too pretty to feed to throw on top of the house for the fairy to fetch. I did an op yesterday and he is to cut only a nerve in two weeks time. Yay! Says it's less painful that way.

Sword Inc said...

I had such a prob winter 95. Then some muti magic from Madala and got me sorted out for good. Not with ops but with some very bitter and hot herbs.. to this day I dont have any dental prob.. but a lot of my dentals are missing.. chipping off painlessly. gives me the creeps..what happened to your root canal yesterday?

PS.. that was an very long entry.

Israel Izz Mlambo said...

The nerve was supposed to be cut. I am not sure if it was cut or not but the pain is gone. May be gone cos the troublesome nerve has been disconnected.

Yah. Long entry I must admit. But that's cos I was having a damned good time with a latte ko Seatle Coffee Shop, Exclusive Books.