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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Plan, plan, plan then plan again

I like this video, courtesy of break.com (got it through a friend's viral email). It demonstrates better the necessity for planning in most things that we do in life, or else we will fail, and might even hurt ourselves during our failure. With planning, unecessary failures will be avoided. Personaly, I'm trying to plan things in my day in way that I can hold myself accountable - attempting to stop some of my sloppiness and laziness. Meaning that my plans - daily or weekly - includes deliverables. Plan, plan, plan then plan again. And then, assault!

Just click play.

Courtesy, Break.Com

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


chidi said...

sometimes though, things don't go according to the way we plan it right? Its good to plan ahead all right but man plans & God disposes
PS- couldn't watch the video. Don't get why

Izz said...

Hey Chidi. Whilst the vid is downloding, (slowly sometimes) just do something else, and after a few minutes, you will have your laugh and inspiration.

And yes, we plan and things take a different outcome. But let's face it, the results will not be as bad as they would have been had there not been any planning at all. And knowing that we prepared ourselves kind of sculps us to be better in our approach the next time.

Fa Sy said...

I dont plan my life. I just do whatever has to be done when its needed to be done. Im very spontaneous, maybe thats why....

Izz said...

Of course, not everything of our life has to be planned, at least no to the last t. But you are probably where you are today because you thought somewhat hard of things and where you wanna go. May be the 'plan' was not obvious, but thinking, I'd like to believe, is plannning in a way.

But yes, spontaneity is very important too. May be a balance of the two is the key.