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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Have a life vision and mission

I read on one international bestseller book by an acclaimed life coach that the best way to start toward change in ones life is to write down ones vision and mission. I believe I've always had a vision and mission although unarticulated but after reading about how important it is to cast it on paper, I somewhat got the feeling that mine had probably been uncompelling because I couldn't see it. It wasn't written. It wasn't pronounced loudly in my world as a compass that I could use to navigate myself to a fulfilling life I desire.

I think for many of us it's important to articulate our thoughts in writing and especialy when it's your life's vision and mission. For me, it's more than important. My success, my life, in fact, depends on it. And just to share, the following encompass what I aspire to and my future:

To go big on life through consistent action

Achieve, daily, personal integrity that is aligned with my goals

Mine may not be appropriate or understandable in relation to your life, it's desires and your future. But I've no doubt that if you tried to express your own in writing in the shortest words possible, you'll find it compelling even though you've always known them (your vision and mission). Who knows, that may even reveal your life's purpose. In it's own ways, it worked wonders for me and I feel ever better after that exercise of the soul's deeply entrenched desires.

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Freelance said...

Lovely blog.We have a lot in common and guess we share some views together.Take gud kia of u and stay blessed.

Kind regards,

Ugo Daniels said...

Great piece mate. Keep doing ya thang!

Ishtar said...

I think mine would be something in line with Helping Others Develop. No wonder I thrive in the Least Developed Country in the World!

Izz said...

Thank you all for your support. It keeps me going in the right direction and I wish to rub the learnings and affection I get from this comments to other people.