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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Cheaters, damned cheaters

I hate Simba. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. But will still buy them - especially if Willards is not available as an option. Simba has gone despicably devilish, and still, they wear their lion smile with pride. I don't mean to rant. I hate ranting. But I've got to express my anger at Simba.

They more than reduced their bag of 30g chips. I bet, and I'll weigh them soon, that the 30g pack of chips that I buy everyday of the work-week doesn't really weigh 30g. To confirm the suspcions of my big piercing eyes, I paraded the near-empty bag to friends and colleagues, and some confirmed that the featherlight bag is no longer stacked to the same level as in the past years. Cheaters they're. Simba thought no one would notice if they replaced that with colourfully hypnotic packaging. 'Damned liars' - as Gollum of The Lord of the Rings fame would put it.

In the past, if my visual memory serves me right, the Simba 30g chips bag was near to full, if not beyond half. Now all their packets, specifically Tomato Sauce and Smoked Beef flavours, carry only a few crumbs. I bet all the more chips baking money went to the branding and the top quality high-gloss packaging - which I immediately tossed to the bin once I finished to TKO the 25 dried chips in it.

Today, just now, I popped open a Willards bag of 30g and munched on countless chips - endlessly. Not as distinctively tasty as Simaba's, but I munched for a longer time. And it was a real snack. So next time I go on a chips hunt, Willard it will be. Unless I'm left no option but the empty high gloss package of Simba - perhaps for decorative purposes in my cold office.

Also see this about being robbed daylight: http://izzonline.blogspot.com/2007/05/helsmall-consumer-helplessness-but.html

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


Hollywoodgal said...

Oi! They may be cheaters - but chips are carcinogenic little beasts and will kill you at a pack a day (says she who cannot go near chips of any description cos she won't stop until she drops...)
Seriously, I was eating chips next to a medical doctor once and he said:" Don't eat that. That's cancer in a bag." So you are paying Simba to cheat AND toxify you... do you want to give them that much power???

Israel Izz Mlambo said...

Cancer in a bag! DAMN. Now you giving me a real freakmotion in my tummy. I shall ponder upon it. Like seriously. I read about a lot of kak in the book, Freakonomics, and your thoughts including those of the Doc, don't fall short of what the writers of that book confirm.

TBHanks said...

Simba rocks in the taste stakes but you're right, they seem to be filling that bag with more and more air. Do you think we should start a revolt? I'm not buying the cancer in a bag thing though - if I had to worry about everything that could make me sick while eating I would never eat. But then I'd be skinny...Hmmm...but then I'd probably be miserable.
Oh the worries, the worries. I think I'll just go back to eating Simba...

Israel Izz Mlambo said...

Ya. I've slept over that cancer thing from hollywoodgal. And I think I can't refrain from eating chips because it's cancer in a bag.

The reason why I'll continue is because, on a mass scale regarding food, we are fucked anyways. Remember the Sudan dye in all spices that we so trust in?

And again, my history lecturer, Julian Cobbing, at Rhodes proved in his thesis and lectures that nearly all domestic foods are genetically grown or modified and the chemicals that modify them are disease induced. Mmmmmm? Not eat? GO skinny? May be not.