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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Don't be ashamed of who you are

"The moment you become ashamed of who you are, you lose yourself" - Reuben Tishkof (portrait by Elliot Gould), Ocean's 13

I just love that quote. In general, I'm fond of quotes. They tell me I'm on the right track to getting 'there'. You know where 'there' is right? For me, 'there' is that fulfilling space where I will feel that I've become one with my deepest aspirations. My elusive dreams. My ultimate self. The me that I work so hard (yet so procrastinatingly slow) to become.

So which and where is 'there' for you?

The Reuben-quote, I heard it today on the big screen at the premiere of the franchise Ocean's 13 at Menlyn Park. One of Danny's boys (an oldie in fact) was down and out of the game of 'life' and wit and had rolled down on bed waiting for dear death. Yet the greying old man kicked the blanket, brushed himself up and said: "The moment you become ashamed of who you are, you lose yourself". And yep, lots of money they did make from the egomaniac Banks (brilliantly played by Al Pacino) coffers.

Thrill and exciment from this movie. Honour yourself with a ticket, so you can hear the quote from Reuben, the man himself.

I have collected both Ocean's 11 and 12. Can't wait to add 13 to it all.
=========================================== "Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire
"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


MissK said...

Hey, Izz. (Cool entry about the Simba cheating. try Doritos. they're yet to disappoint me)

i'm rather fond of quotes myself and the one you open your entry with is certainly cool. I'm not planning to watch Ocean's 13 though. Ocean's 12 didn't live up to the first one for me - i fell asleep through it - and i'd rather wait for this one to come out of dvd as well. in its defence though, i watched it around 11pm on dvd under a blanket :)

where is 'there' for me? i think i'm 'there' already seeing as i live for the moment to an extent. i'd have to say, where i am now in life overall, i'm happy. and that's a good place to be. i'm still growing. still living and i'm happy with most of it all...
i won't stop trying to improve myself - physically, professionally and spiritually but i suppose i haven't defined what the ultimate place is for all those aspects of me. will ponder it.

cheers for the mo'

Ugo Daniels said...

Mehn, you gotta watch Oceans 13. It's a classic. Clooney, brad, cheadle, were just at their topmost performance. You MUST watch it ASAP!

Best for me, so far!

Israel Izz Mlambo said...

MissK, I love it when you say you are 'there'. That must be a fulfilling reality for you. The feeling alone must be uplifting you every morning throughout to the night. There's one quote I came across in one of my books and it attempts to sum up what you are saying: "Through contentment with little, comes happiness". This are simple principles, but the lot of us always get them wrong. For me, 'there' is some space that I'm still fighting to step into. And I feel I'm at a peak where it's make or break and am about to enter it.

Ugo, I did check out Oceans 13. Brilliant performances. Damon came out well. Pitt remembered his snack in the left hand, as always.

And I recommend that MissK watches it. It's better than second sequel. It makes up for the luckluster plot in the second franchise.