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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ten top advices from my mother

10 advices that came from my mother during my grow up and recently. And it's now that they really start to sink in, and I start to get the message.

  1. Don’t make it a big deal and forgive
  2. You’ll do it fine next time
  3. Be thankful and do say thanks
  4. Eat (properly)
  5. Do your work and finish it
  6. Respect them they'll respect you back
  7. Focus on your life - it can only get better
  8. keep one job for at least more than 12 months (I try. I really try and for the first time in three companies, I did more than a year on 1 June)
  9. Brush your teeth at night (I try. And since last month’s bad bad toothache, I know what mama meant)
  10. God wills. Just put in the effort
"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


Ugo Daniels said...

Ain't mummies the cutest. Good advices from your mom.

Paula D. said...

That was a great list! Go mama :-)

Szavanna said...

My mom passed away when I was 19. I really miss her - especially now that I am also a mom - being a parent is not easy and it'd be great to get regular advice from her. Fortunately other moms took over and so I always have someone to ask when I need answers. So how is parenthood - how do you find being a dad?

Cheetarah said...

Wise woman ur mama

Fa Sy said...

Looks like ur mum is really a wise woman. U should follow her advice.

Sorry about ur loss Szavanna :(

Szavanna said...

Thanks Fasy :)

Izz said...

Hey Szavanna, sorry about your loss. But am sure that such an event in it's time has shaped your character in many ways, what with independence that you may have learnt since 19. I'm glad you found moms in other women closer to you.

Cheetarah, Paula and Fa Sy, I believe moms are wise. And they humble you with their wisdom everytime it comes, and when they share, they don't share as 'i know all' person. They are very modest about it, which is why I'm taking moms advice - I try and live it and that list reminded me of the other tips I was forgetting. Uog, that's right ma man. Mothers are the best cutest babes in our lives.

LittleGirlLost said...

I need to put number 1 into practise more in my life. Your Mother is very wise.

Izz said...

Yes, #1 is my fav, hence I put it first. It's not only my fav cos it's important, but cos it's the hardest to achieve consistently.