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Monday, June 25, 2007

Say hello to someone different today and tomorrow

Try something new today. Try to do anything that you haven’t done yesterday or you don’t normally do. In fact, say hi to someone you don’t really know. Someone you’re not close to or even acquainted with. Humble them. May be that security guard at the gate/door. That other ‘dreaded’ colleague. That cashier at the hyperstore and when you say it, back it up with goodwill – mean it. As people we’re not use to a bonus out of the blue – well, give that person a bonus and bade them a good day. You’ll make their day. Trust me. (In the village where I was buttered for the 18 years of my life, everyone says hi to everyone).

Last week, I pulled out my cellphone and started dialing stagnant numbers one at a time. “I just called to check on how you doing,” I said. “It’s been a long time since we spoke and wanted to make sure you’re still kicking ass on that side.” The reactions I got from some of the people were totally humbling – in fact, they were more humbled by my small gesture than I was by their reaction. But it said to me that as humans, as friends, we always need to feel like we matter. That somebody out there does care about us. They do wish for us to be doing good.

So go humble that stranger and say ‘hi’ to them and wish them a ‘good day’.

These thoughts were inspired by an old white men who always beams a smile to strangers in a lift at work and starts chatting them up about anything – the last he chatted me up about was the Barcelona/Sundowns match, and that lighted up my day. And on average, it’s the older (wiser) people who engage in such small, beautiful but humbling gestures, but the youthful will not be charged tax for doing so.

Try it. I’ve arranged with the revenue services for a tax exempt on this one. So your pocket is dent-proof.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire


NIHAL said...

What a wonderful article, Izz!

It's thing's like this that make the world a better place to live in. I'm glad to be alive and to have met a humble friend like you :)

Best wishes.

Chhaya said...

loved ur article!
u have inspired me to call all those ppl who mean so much to me, still i have been too lazy to be in touch!
thnx Izzy

MissK said...

Izz, you just have this way of taking me back. This is a nice article. I apologise in advance for the comment i'm about to make but it dampens my spirit sometimes...
i grew up with my Gran-gran. Best human being in the world i tell you! Absolutely beautiful.
One of the things that Gran taught me is that i should greet everyone i meet as if they're family. I listened and i did it and it's a nice habit cause the reactions are always just so nice... until now.
Since i've moved to Joburg, i think twice about greeting even the Security guards. their responses are so discouraging - and it hurts when they greet back as if i'm asking for money. :'(
as a result, i feel like it takes something away from me to, now it feels like an effort, greet some people.
i'm quickly learning that some people just don't deserve niceness. it's a disgusting lesson and i hate it everyday.

...at this point, i'd like to make a special mention of everyone else who appreciates my chatterbox nature. i hope you continue to remind me that my Gran's teachings are not lost on me.

Have a great week Izz.

Izz said...

Nihal, the friendship is appreciated by me and I do agree with you on such small gestures making the world a place worth to live in everyday amidst the turmoil.

Chhaya, nice move. You'll feel better after that, and those at the end of the line will feel better too. I did when I made the calls.

Missk, you hit the mark on something small but very significant. I'd say that I've come across people even in my village who didn't appreciate this time tested principle of being nice and saying hi. And they turned to scorn you for that, either by mumbling their hi by total disregard of your goodwilled gesture. In my not so nice nature, I make a personal, self-conscious resolution to just blatantly ignore them - perhaps with time they'll see I mean't only good and they may start getting the point and coming on board. When they come on board, I'll be patiently waiting with my ever fresh 'hello'!

Dizzy Dee said...

Wow, that is pretty neat.
You're right - we need to get back to the basics, even if its just sharing a smile with the person next to you in traffic.

Its what makes us vulnerable, and also amazing emotional beings.

Glad you like my theme by the way ;)

Refinedone said...

..it's the samll thing that count.
The Please and Thanks you's.
I have always with the help of my hubby, cos he does it morethan me taugth our kids to always say hello...and smile.

You never know what kind of day the other person may be having.. and that smile just reminds them that Yes! someone sees me! and i count.

...will be back :)

Izz said...

Refinedone, you didn't miss the mark. I like that.

Dizzy, spreading the love is a good thing, we often remember and plan to hit back at that 'other bad persons attitude' than we spent time humbling that 'other next stranger or acquaintance of friend of family member'. I like the sound of back to the basics.

Jacklyn Ker said...

Great post Izz!

I'd like to strengthen this post with my real life story. Ever since I started greeting everyone I meet everyday, including strangers, I started to feel good and happy myself, not counting the joy I've brought to them!

I believe this small little habitual act of mine contributes to the present humble success I'm enjoying.

So, start smiling and even laughing for no good reason. It's contagious!

Ishtar said...

Once again, you managed to make me happy, Izz! The thing is, every time a Swede comes back from Niger, they are struck by how lonely and reserved the Swedes are. I come back full of hope and I smile to all the people I meet. I still do, even though the smiles are rarely returned, until you've met the same person on the same road about five times. Then they'll start to warm to you and realize that you're not a serial killer or someone about to ask for a donation. Funny country, I was "buttered" in. Only stayed there for two years though, before 3 other cultures got to make an imprint.

heartwarmer said...

Noice one Izz. Was going to post something similar. Nicely put. It made me think of that youtube video - with the guy that started hanging around a mall with a sign that said "free hugs". People would warm up to him and give him a hug but after a while the police kicked him off the premises because they figured him for a conman of sourts.
But he had touched so many people that he managed to get thousands of signatures from people saying that he was harmless and that they liked him. And he continued to give hugs.
I loved this video. Oprah had the dude on her show the other day.
The first time I'd seen the video was through a link from one of the bloggers and it made me cry. It was just too sweet.
Spread the hugs, kisses and love everyone. It's such a simple thing but we forget to do it every day.
Anywho - a little long winded but it's one of those things that hit home...