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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vodacom's internet card gives me pain

I wrote excitedly about my Vodacom mobile data card (internet card) when I bought it, some time two weeks ago. I was quite excited that the internet will be at my finger tips regardless of where I be. Well, I guess Vodacom is not really one of the best companies around. They've managed to turn my data card-imagined-convenience into appalling frustration.

From the second or third day of using my card, I experienced serious technical problems with the card - pointing out one error after the other, if not just simply not responding. At times, I just get disconnected whilst busy with something online, risking losing my work. On many occassions, I have to reconnect more than five times in one surfing session of less than an hour. And, when it gets bad, and it often does, I have to remove and reload the software.

The after service I get is not so great either. One of their technicians at Menlyn, said to be the 'best' in the rest of Pretoria, simply pushed my problem to be attended by a trainee technician (she excused herself for the lack of skill) whom I had to tutor on what's what with the card the whole time, and whilst at it, she messed up all sorts of files on my laptop - disorganising my music which took hours to arrange per category. On my second visit, after the problem had persisted, the technician diagnosed that the problem was the software, as opposed to the card and replaced the latest version with an older one. The replacement never worked at all once I got home.

Now I'm so tired of all these frustrations and the run around that I'm returning the data card tomorrow, and am sure it's going to be a fight as they're going to try and refuse to exchange the product or refund my 2 grant. Perhaps Knott-Craig is punishing me for refusing to take the binding 24 months contract.

"Judge of a man by his questions, rather than by his answers." - Voltaire

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