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Monday, August 6, 2007

Be damned good in your true passion

Life is vast. Interests are wide and many alluring. Our minds, hungry for demonstrating their prowess, want to take on any 'cool', 'chic' interest that comes our way. Especially interests that are the 'in' thing. Our hearts, ever focused and determined and genuine, cry of a need to express our true love and passion. To display the marvels that we were born to be. However, we almost always go with our minds for pop culture pummels into us that such is sense. And we do so at the peril, most of the time, of our true passion. We end up being the Jacks and Janes of all trades - good at mastering nothing, great at wandering and wondering everything.

It dawned on me recently that I needed to pick one skill that I have, or feel I was born to, and labour tirelessly to craft it, sharpen it, love it and in fact, perfect it. To let that one skill be my prime prive passion. Allow it to define me. I can demonstrate all my other skills and take care of them, but the volume of the time has to go to one skill, one love, one passion that my heart can sing with and dance on. It's more like focusing the laser that is the energy of the power of the heart so it can make better cuts and trims.

Since contemplating in such a way, I found that I love writing. I'm passionate about words and the way they weave together into a beautiful message that can laugh or cry. And with that, I shall spent my life devoting myself to labouring on words. To sweat my palms wet expressing the love of an art that I can one day perfect in such a way that the words themselves can start to seem to breath a life of their own. Almost like for them to become alive, breathing back their awe and beauty to anyone who reads them.

What's your one true passion? That one thing which you feel you do so well that you're convinced you were born to do? That one thing that whispers, "devote your entire life perfecting me - and I shall make you a genius". It helps to find out and zoom in closer to that passion. To focus and really go big on it in every way. I think in that way, we could all become geniuses in our own little spots, which when joined together, will make a tapestry of beauty that makes life a lot more enjoyable with happier people.

Find your passion, and pour every ounce of your heart's energies into it. Draw every thought of your mind to crafting it into perfection and watch yourself amaze even... You. My writing, although still raw and unperfected and wobbly - yet growing - is starting to amaze even me.

Bedazzle yourself, be damned good in your true passion.

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Anonymous said...

me i have found my passion..i know what it is and pple tell me all d time you are good at this!but i am so scared of turning it intosomething huge..it is really the fear of success!tanx for this post!

Kingpin said...

Well said, a lot of people are successful in this life just because they've found to explore their gifting.

It is important to discover one's talnets but most times it is the inate fear of failure that keeps us from taking the plunge.