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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mikhaela's tragedy

[]WARNING: Some readers may be offended.[]

What was I to be, a girl, a boy?
Was I to be light, dark?
Was my nose to be sharp, hair curly and rich black?

Sob, sob, what do the others conceived in my time look like, like me?
Do they today life and its spoils enjoy?
Was I to play with them?
Was I to give mama and papa joy, pain, joy, pain, perhaps ... continue

Read the rest of the poem on my dedicated poetry blog: Izzonline Poetry

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Ishtar said...

Intriguingly written! What part was could be offending, Izz?

Izz said...

For some who may directly relate to the message of the poem, it may bring back sensitive memories or wounds.

But now that it doesn't, seeminly, then am glad.

Anonymous said...

this was well written!nothing offensive in there!