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Monday, August 6, 2007

This thing dreams this, very mystic and non-chiccultured

I sit at my desk in my study now and I'm gripped by fear. Such fear that moments ago my eyes were watered so much that parts of the top brown wood of the desk turned white from the flooding of tears. I'd awoken only to continue a routine of progressing my novel, and strange enough, the chapter (four) I'm working on is titled "The strongest of hearts cries" named for the reasons that the emperor in the novel had a strong heart, but at a certain time, it was brought to its knees.

Now this room I sit in feels, all this sudden since 30min ago, so spooky. So supernatural. It flabbersgasts me that only an unusual phone call about a dream of somebody far away - and I mean far, brought all such aura to my room. What perhaps painted my walls with such dark mood is I was asked by a silent broken voice, "please pray for me this very instant", than "I had a really bad dream a moment ago". From the instant I heard that, I went into panic mode, in an auto kind of way. Everything around me suddenly felt supernatural in a scary type of way.

To make a pompous small confession of a hallucinated man, I'm one blesseth with having meaningful visions. Not too often, but each time I'm shown in my sleep things or events I'd never seen before, and on further investigation, fear grips me after finding out that I wasn't dreaming. I was being directed, by who knows what force, to something that truly exists. And as I'd seen it, there would it be, in front of my eyes happening just as envisioned.

I'm sure you also have your own premonitions and visions that visit you in your slumber. I'm not talking here of de javu. I speak of some not-so-natural phenomena that you don't fear for the quasi-events that happened in it, but for the supernatural feeling that accompanies them. The feeling that you just had your soul travel to a place or event in the future and come back and inform you.

On the phone call, I explained to my little brother that "don't fear... and don't face up when you sleep" - in a way, I was trying to calm myself too.

Now I ask myself, is this universe really connected like the alchemists before us said? Is this world inhibited by more souls than our own? Do our souls sleep and rest with our bodies at time of slumber or do they travel the girth of this planet into far away places - witness somethings, and if related to our lives, our conscious then notices and we then have visions of such, and because we are so real and faithless, we scare and imagine it's a nightmare?

I told my little brother, "remember what grandpa always said, 'our souls don't tire like our minds. Like our bodies. They have no day and night. They travel all the time all over the place and mingle with other souls.'"

I figure, that if that contains a pint of truth, and I can't see why not, then our souls could really tell us so many things we need to know if we quiten our conscious and clear our minds well enough. I doubt I can do that. I doubt my brother can do that. Perhaps you can.

Many a times, on the occassion that I do, I'd kneel down and say some holy phrases and my mind would play games with me that 'if anything near supernatural were to happen this instant, remember: fire up your heels... top speed'. You see, faithlessness. We even fear in our dreams. So alchemy is far from men and women of today. Many a times we disregard premonitions and our dreams and their interpretations as perfected mambo jumbo - popular common sense always shruggs them 'naaah, no ways'.

My point of this piece: releasing the fear that gripped me. And it's now gone. But the assertions I made in the above lines still stay solid like the one perfect vision I had in my sleep some time months ago, which others confirmed to have been real life (future) event. And I was oustounded to witness it happen later on as I'd seen it in my slumber.

This thing premonitions this! What to make of it. We're faithless man. We either misinterpret it or we're coward enough to disregard it because we're modern, civilized man who believe only in psychology that is preached by those with civilized university degrees - as they qualify to counsel us because they ticked the correct multiple choice answer. And we toss aside the alchemist in each of us. And yes, those words sound dilusional even to me because I'm as faithless as the next fellow brainwashed by supermedia into chicculture - a culture of dissident and common sense (of which common sense is pop culture sense), not innate sense like the animals in the jungle live by.

I'm awake now, you can stop reading if you got this far.

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Ishtar said...

Well, although I know little of alchemy, by your final definition, I am not faithless. But then again, my faith is very simple and contains areas such as good & evil, generosity & selfishness - all about choice, really. Not to metion God being my best friend on top of all those things.

Do I take my dreams for real? Some times. In the end, it's that silent whisper in my heart that tells me when something is for real, and when something probably isn't. The other voices? I just turn them off. Lol, see how simple things are in my world nowadays? No wonder I feel so blessed!