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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The unique touch of your hand

It’s my lifetime goal to ensure that anything that I lay my hand on, anything which becomes the production of my thoughts and efforts has a unique signature to it. And for such a special mark, the mark of my hand, to shout or silently pronounce, Izz was here. To fly a proud flag that says, ‘I gave it my all and I couldn’t have done it any better’. Have you pondered lately around this very important issue?

I believe that people’s passion for life is expressed in their labour. In what they produce, either in words or the actual toil. So I guess that one has to ask themselves then, ‘will this project express who I’m when am done with it? Or will it just wallow in the myriad of the also-rans. That is the current dream that I wake up each day to pursue helping me stamp my unique mark on this world, especially to make a difference in the life of those around me?

I don’t think it’s of any shame to dump what one feels isn’t really what they should be doing on a certain day, month, year or being involved in something which one feels doesn’t really serve a good purpose. A purpose which must help us express our love and passion for life. Otherwise, we may find ourselves drowning in what we thought was an opportunity to make a difference and leave the mark of our hand.

I may not get it right most of the time, but I do intent to try harder to ensure that I pour myself into the life projects which can allow me to create a legacy of contributions. This by giving myself and energies to any good purpose labour that I get involved.

This forces me, or calls on me, to find ways to excel at what I do. At my job, at being a father to two sweetest princesses, excel especially at remembering to love my wife, at being a good brother, a great friend and making a difference by expressing my thoughts and strengths in this world and leaving a unique touch of my hand. With this, I can sit back after taking a deep breath and proudly say to myself, “damn, I love the work of my hand”.

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