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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Pain teaches us the harder lessons

When times in your life come that you must go through pain, that your body or your emotions must take a toll because of something horrible that's happened, try and see the lesson. Try and see the message the pain may carry. It may be a success, love or miracle in disguise. And it takes a little bit of stepping back sometimes and looking, reassesing the pain with a new eye that you may realise, 'so, this is the lesson', or that 'it's this new fruitful direction I must take from hereforth'.

I felt it. Massive, grievesome pain recently. And because of that pain, today I appreciate life better - or at least started to. I look at life with a new cleansed eye. It's almost like the pain was there to say 'Izz, you getting wayyyyyy too sloppy at your game. At the game of life'. And it was of course a rude awakening. It made me rethink my ways of living with others. My ways of understanding things. My ways of speaking about things.

During, or rather, post that pain, I kind of thought of the blacksmith or shall I say blacksmithing (don't know the science's name). I thought of a metal that's taken an odd and unappreciative form of its own. And for it to change, for it to become a metal of better, meaningful shape, the blacksmith needs to put it through a furnace. An extreme, supernatural degree of heat and even after that, beat the hell out of it with a fiver pounder. Only after sometime in that heat and massive hammering will the metal give away its stubborness and release its ill-form and take on a new shape.

You and I are blacksmiths of our lives. Of our destinies and habits. But we need that furnace in order to change our metal to a form that is useful. A beautiful form that can be better appreciated. Pain tutors us to absorb the harder, more difficult lessons that we otherwise would not have the ability to understand in our normal merry state.

Basically, the long and short of it is that: Allow yourself to see the lessons, messsage, intent, reason or objective for that pain in your life to be. Why is it there? Everything in this world for a reason - don't the wise say!. So that pain is something else in disguise. Think upon that will you. I'm grafting on it as I write.

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Vera Ezimora said...

Oh, this is so true, Izz. When I was reading my Bible today (book of James), it also talked about hardship making you stronger...and of course, thanking God in all situations.

Nice post, Izz

Ishtar said...

I agree, hardship makes us stronger. If it weren't for them, we would never be aware of how lucky we are!

Twilight Wizzard said...

Hardship makes us stronger, so inflicting it on others is for their own good.