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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The test

There're times during our journeys that we just feel the juice to on has run out. That the chutzpah to continue blazing a meaningful trail has dried out with the suns each day past. That our minds can't stretch any farther than we've already exploited them. That our tired bodies can't shed an ounce more of strength to sustain our cause. That our courage has withered with the few storms that cornerd us at our most vulnerable.

It is during this times that we're in fact called to the test. We're called to break or make and during this very time, the siff starts to run its cause too. The wheat slowly separates from the charf. It is that point were those labeled genious hold their own, and those labeled anything else not resonating triumph being to wallow at the brim of a bottomless pit.

The testing moments such as these call for something that we can't see or touch. It calls for us to be faithful. Faith. To find and draw that innate voice that whispers, 'go on, it will be done'. That voice that says it was made yours the moment you had the dream to achieve, the moment you begun, the moment you shed the first sweat in your palm.

Almost like one can say it's the tipping point. The juncture where we get what we wanted and needed or we 'go home'. A road without tests is one that doesn't mould a person to greatness. Like the blacksmith would burn, burn again, then hammer, burn, hammer a metal until it takes a shape that is more beautiful and becomes a masterpiece.

Allow yourself to feel the faith so that you can give your dream and opportunity to turn this one corner, just as you will need to allow it to turn the next harder one. In this way, you get closer to your dream. By doing that alone, you'll feel triumphant - like I do right now - and imagine the feeling once the dream has been achieved. DESTINY!

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Paula D. said...

Love it Izz! Why do I have the Rocky theme music in my head right now? Haaa! :-)

Izz said...

It accompanies the hard times when we are kicking ass.

Omodudu said...

Speak it man, I am reading it...