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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Enter the zone and be high

During this course of writing my debut epic, I realised that when you have the opportunity to immerse yourself into a project, you have to always remember to maintain such good momentum. That you have to stay high and crazy about it as through-and-through as you can. The moment you take your eyes off the bull’s eye, off the goal posts, is the moment your mind and emotions wander and lose touch with the end product. With the destiny.

I try to immerse myself in my book although it’s not easy especially when you get a curve ball here and there, and then there and there thrown in every corner. But one thing I know for sure is that most of the time inspiration comes with being immersed. With being in the zone. With pouring yourself into your goal/project as deep as you can. It’s like that with the beautiful labour of writing and I believe it is so with many other projects and undertakings.

Think of something average as your gym contract and commitment to it. At the start of it, the newness and freshness of things motivates you. Inspires you. And you truly do commit and do what you set out to do – at least for the first few trips. But then the mood changes – that third wind stops carrying you. The excitement catches the side wind. And you’re left all to your own strength. The momentum is gone. At most, you let it blow over with the passing bad habit side wind.

Imagine if you always remembered that the momentum could be the good wind beneath your wings – at least the wings of your commitment. And with remembering that daily, you get to boost the momentum to inspiration and before you know it, your commitment has turned into second nature. It’s become a habit. Completely effortless.

I feel this applies in so many situations including relationships. That when the excitement blows over, you’re left to your barren self and you have to make ends meet or you go down. You start losing sight of the bull’s eye and your goal. With this outlook, I bet you’d never smell destiny. The pure, fresh feeling of achievement. SUCCESS. I do fall in the trap many a times. But I’m working on it.

So, once your realise that momentum has set in, keep it. Find ways to stay high and crazy about your project, commitment or goal. Then watch it become a habit, at which point it starts happening naturally. This is the case with my writing, gym and running – for the most part.

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jali said...

Good Morning,

I'm looking forward to reading more here. Thanks for the visit.

(I'm s l o w l y writing a novel and I'll probably stop back by for additional motivation.)

Paula D. said...

Hey Izz!
My momentum comes & goes.....I'm trying to grab hold of it and keep it alive :-)

Izz said...

Jali: Big up with that novel, keep pushing. One word at a time.

Paula D: It's a daily struggle for me to maintain my momentum.