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Monday, August 20, 2007

How will you meet your luck?

No, not your death, but rather, your lucky stroke. I hear many a time my friends family and others speak of somebody being successful because they were lucky. “Very lucky,” they’d say. And sometimes, out of naivety, I’d simply agree with them. But isn’t true that those who are lucky, on the majority, are those who had toiled hard prior to their success or crossing with their luck?

Of late I’ve been asking the One above to throw a sweet ball of luck my way. Contradictory, I reminded myself that if I got lucky today, would such luck change my life permanently or simply bring a fresh passing breeze of success into my life. What with the potential of abusing the luck and spending it all before I realise how to take advantage of it? With this, I realised that for me to meet my luck, I better be prepared to crossroad with it. That in fact, hard work and goodwilling toil do attract luck. The sweat somewhat whisks in lady luck into your life because you had been prepared for it and ideal to exploit it to the benefit of your life and those of others around you.

Wishing for luck is simply wishing for manna to fall right into your palms. I stopped that, just recently and I hope I don’t revert to such futile exercise. This particularly with the struggle with my debut book. And since I stopped wishing for luck, I’ve come to appreciate better the value of hard work and I toiled forward.

The value of running right into your fears and right in to that thin path – where others have said ‘it can’t be done’, ‘it’s impossible’ – is life altering. Believing and labouring at something of value in your life makes the world step apart to allow all the right forces to tag-team with you in achieving your goal. And I personally believe it is during this time that luck is met or grows on your thorny, lonesome and thin path. However, if and when you meet it unprepared and with the hard work factor missing, I doubt luck will build around your life and goals. It might pass you by and nest in the dreams and sweat of the next fellow. And what would you, “what a lucky fellow. Very lucky.”

Make sure that when your lucky stroke comes, you are damned prepared for your sweat to capture it.

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